Points Based Activation System

In January 2018, the Government appointed an Employment Services Expert Advisory Panel to help shape the future design of employment services in Australia. Members of the panel included employers, employment service providers, welfare group representatives, as well as a labour market economist and an expert in business transformation.

The panel’s report recommended the introduction of a Points Based Activation System (PBAS) that gives Participants greater ownership of their pathway to work. The Government agreed that the New Employment Services Trial (NEST) would include a points based approach allowing Participants more self-direction to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements. 

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment introduced the PBAS for Participants registered in NEST from December 2020. 
PBAS is a new and flexible approach by which Participants can meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements. Under the new approach, Participants will be able to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements by undertaking sufficient tasks to meet a specified Points Target each Points Reporting Period.

This Guideline sets out Trial Providers’ engagement with and management of Participants under PBAS and must be read in conjunction with other Guidelines that outline a job seeker or Participant’s Mutual Obligation Requirements.  

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