Approaching employers for work can pay off

Two men talking outside an office building.

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A direct approach to employers, even if they haven’t advertised a job vacancy, can pay off for some proactive people looking for work.

Data from the Department of Jobs and Small Business shows that approaching employers directly to enquire if they have any positions available can lead to a job.

The ‘Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences’ shows that for 10% of vacancies, employers consider people who have approached them, with a significant proportion actually hiring them.

Labour Market Analyst Ivan Neville said that approaching employers directly is a way of uncovering the hidden jobs market.

‘These vacancies are often not advertised so they present an opportunity for proactive job seekers to get a foot in the door,’ Ivan said.

When approaching employers directly, people looking for work have an opportunity to demonstrate their communication skills, initiative and motivation.

‘Rather than just drop off a résumé, a person approaching an employer directly for work should use it as an opportunity to have a conversation and make an impression,’ Ivan said.

Table showing the top 10 occupations for which employers are more likely to consider job seekers who approach them directly, including bus and coach drivers, aged and disabled carers and nursing support and personal care workers.

The occupations for which people are most likely to be successful approaching employers for work include Bus and Coach Drivers, Aged and Disabled Carers, and Bar Attendants and Baristas.

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