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Job Outlook has had an upgrade! A number of enhancements help inform people looking to make a decision about their job search, study or training.

More career profiles

There are now more than 1200 career profiles available, with accessible career information on all opportunities in the Australian labour market and data matched to jobs in the real world.

The new profiles have been created to better represent career information that was previously grouped together. For example, previously, architects and landscape architects were grouped together, but now users can learn about the prospects, pathways and skills needs that are unique to each of those roles.

This makes it easier for workers to find the right job for their interests, experience and skills through the Career Quiz and the new Skills Match tool, and build understanding of what their next career step could be.

Improved ways to explore career pathways

The website now makes it easier to discover how to get job ready. The department has researched common pathways into every occupation to provide easy-to-understand information about:

  • which qualifications workers need or typically have
  • registration and licensing requirements
  • links to useful job specific resources and study and training options.

Labour market analyst, Ivan Neville, said Job Outlook is the place to go if you are thinking of your next career step.

“There’s a raft of easy-to-find career information that explores tasks, skills, prospects and pay for more than a thousand different types of jobs,” said Ivan.

“Job Outlook is designed to help you explore your career options and discover the job best-suited to your interests, experience and skills.

“The Career Quiz can help young people into the labour market and the new Skills Match tool is great for anyone considering a career change to learn about how their skillset is transferable to a new job.”

Join the 1.8 million people who, over the last year, have visited the Job Outlook website to explore career options. 

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