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Gabriela learnt the essentials of setting up her own business through New Business Assistance with NEIS

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With support from New Business Assistance, Gabriela learnt the essentials of setting up her own business and received mentoring and financial support, helping her fulfil her long-held dream of running her own cake shop.

Through the program, aspiring business owners can receive accredited business training, personalised mentoring and financial support in the first year of their new business.

Gabriela said that at first she was quite scared and felt daunted by the prospect of making a business case and establishing an income from her idea.

“It’s very hard because you don’t know how many cakes… you’re going to sell every week,” she explained.

Through the program, Gabriela was paired with business mentor Anne Paterson, who helped her market her business and give her ideas on how to maintain a competitive edge.

“Gabriela already has a lot of what you need to make it as a business person,” Anne said.

“She has passion, drive, creativity and talent. I offered her insights to keep the business thriving long‑term, like the importance of having a digital presence and a marketing plan.” 

Through the program Gabriela also discovered a network of like-minded entrepreneurs with whom she could discuss and workshop her business ideas.

“I’ve met so many people who’ve shared with me their insights, shared all their business knowledge. They helped me market my business, they checked on me. They all helped my dream come true.”

Gabriela’s customers also play an important role in the success of her business.

“Customers are like my family, you know? I love when they come and hug me, give me compliments like ‘your cake is amazing’,” she said.

“That’s my greatest passion. To make them happy.”

There are 8600 places available in New Business Assistance with the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) each year, delivered by a network of 20 NEIS providers.

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