Careers in caring - increasing demand for workers

A male care worker in a red shirt sitting at a table with an older woman in a care facility, having a conversation.

Growth in the number of jobs in the aged and disability sector has been rapid and is expected to continue. Many employers are looking for staff with communication and organisation skills.

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Many Health Care and Social Assistance related jobs are growing strongly as Australia’s population ages and the National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout continues.

Aged and Disabled Carers is one occupational group that has shown a significant increase, with employment over the past five years growing by 36.2 per cent, compared with 10.4 per cent across all occupations.

This growth equates to an extra 46,600 jobs for workers in the occupational group, the second largest rise in employment over the period of all 474 occupational groups.

Graph showing the dramatic increase in Aged and Disabled Carers jobs, rising from less than 40,000 in 1988 to 175,400 in August 2018.
Employment, Aged and Disabled Carers ('000)

Growth is expected to continue, with the largest growth in employment over the five years to May 2023 projected for Aged and Disabled Carers (up by 69,200).

Labour Market Analyst Ivan Neville said that fierce employment growth in this occupational group comes hand-in-hand with demand for certain caring skills.

‘The top skills that employers are requesting most in job advertisements for Aged and Disabled Carers are first aid, communication skills, caregiving and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

A bar graph showing skills requested by employers for Aged and Disabled Carers. The top five are First Aid, Communication Skills, Caregiving, CPR and Organisation Skills.

Most frequently requested skills by employers in job advertisements for Aged and Disabled Carers over the year to August 2018 (%).

‘As is often the case, these results show the importance of employability skills as well as more specialised skills. It suggests that job seekers would do well to develop skills in communication and organisation to improve their chances of finding a job,’ Ivan said

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