Employment initiative helps young people Get Moving for work

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Get Moving Mentor Andrew Frangos and Indigenous Account Manager Anita Koch are part of an innovative Empowering YOUth Initiative that provides intensive support to young people relocating for work.

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Get Moving is an Empowering YOUth Initiatives (EYI) project offering intensive support to assist unemployed people aged 18-24 to relocate for work.

Run by Workskil Australia with funding by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, the Get Moving program recognises that not all young people live in an area where job opportunities are plentiful. It provides participants with the opportunity and support to move into a sustainable job in an area with a more promising labour market.

Workskil’s program uses mentors to support young people before, during and after their relocation.

Dedicated Get Moving Mentors help with:

  • Finding full-time employment
  • Assistance with training and apprenticeships
  • Ongoing mentoring before, during and after the move, and
  • Support to find appropriate accommodation, where possible with a friend or family member.

Workskil Australia Get Moving Manager Maja Pasaricek said the program was unique in the way it recognises that young people need extra support to move for work and provides that support in a caring, practical and flexible way.

‘Before relocation, the participants take part in pre-location training and support to build their resilience and decision-making skills,’ Maja said. ‘This better prepares them to make the move once they are offered a placement.’

Participants receive a minimum of six months post-relocation support.

'This has been particularly important for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds,’ Maja said. ‘They receive more intensive support to overcome the challenges of living independently, managing a job, housing and finances.’

The program provides frequent engagement and extra support as needed. For example, face-to-face meetings with mentors have helped address loneliness or isolation issues, as have short-term leave and visits home.

The Get Moving mentors have been integral to the success of the program. Maja says, ‘Their genuine care and support shown and their ability to build rapport and engage with young people in a relatable and meaningful way has been the key to maintaining the relationships long term.’

In the words of Get Moving mentor for the Hunter region, Angus Robb: 'The Get Moving program has provided my clients with an option to take a path never thought of, or one that was seemingly unattainable. It empowers young people to think, consider their situation and follow greater possibilities in terms of their life and career. As mentors, we help our clients build their skills and confidence in order to develop and thrive in their employment in the new location.'

Get Moving mentors also work with employers, removalists, real estate agents and participants’ families to smooth the relocation process.

Get Moving is available to young people in:

  • Areas of South Australia – Adelaide West, Adelaide North and North West Country (Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Lincoln).
  • Hunter (excluding Newcastle) in New South Wales
  • North Western Melbourne and Barwon (Corio, Geelong and Waurn Ponds) in Victoria
  • Geraldton in Western Australia.

EYI supports new and innovative approaches to help long-term unemployed young people improve their skills and move toward sustainable employment. Each two-year EYI project responds to specific needs of unemployed people, aged 15-24. 

A key element of EYI is to inform ongoing service delivery and future policy design for young people across Government and non-government community service providers.

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Micaela's story

Micaela, a young Indigenous woman living in the Hunter region, volunteered for Get Moving in February 2018. Her Get Moving mentor Angus Robb found her an opportunity in Sydney that she was keen to pursue.

Following a successful interview, Micaela accepted a temporary assignment as a customer service officer at Asahi Beverages in Sydney. Proving to be a hard worker, Micaela then secured ongoing work.

‘I am currently working at Linfox Kmart and it’s fantastic!’, Micaela said.

‘My job includes managing the administration side of the truck drivers at Linfox - entering the job runs into our database, assisting the drivers with tracking phones, and much more. I am so pleased and proud of where I am today, and I have the team at Get Moving to thank.’

Angus also helped Micaela to find ongoing, affordable accommodation near her work place.

‘My experience with Angus and the rest of the Get Moving team has been life changing to say the least. I have been given an incredible amount of support along my job seeking and relocation journey.’

Ethan's story

Ethan was living in Whyalla when he commenced the Get Moving program in January 2018. Trent Keiper, his Get Moving mentor, worked with Ethan to find employment opportunities in Adelaide.

Initially Ethan found it difficult to secure a job, due to some barriers that he was experiencing at the time. But he remained optimistic. When a call centre opportunity became available, Trent worked with Ethan over a number of appointments to build his confidence and assisted him with skills training, including job interview techniques and role play scenarios, to practice dealing with difficult customers. With Trent’s support, Ethan made a number of trips to Adelaide to attend the assessment centre interviews.

Ethan was successful and commenced full-time work at the call centre role in September.

Over the eight months of participation in the Get Moving program, Ethan engaged positively. He speaks in glowing terms of the program, especially how it helped him to overcome barriers in his life and to focus on his ambitions and career goals. It was a major boost to his confidence.

‘I really appreciated the support network that the Get Moving program provided, in particular making my travel to Adelaide easier and having a mentor available to contact at short notice at times when I really needed it,’ Ethan said.

‘The Get Moving program has given me better opportunities, care and training in the last six months than I have gotten from anyone in the last three years.  Before I just had glasses, now I have binoculars… and I’m not staring at the ground anymore, I’m looking to the horizon and a world of possibility for me.’

Thilini's story

Thilini, a recent medical science graduate, was living in North West Melbourne but finding it difficult to secure employment due in the medical science field.

Thilini’s Get Moving mentor helped her update her resume and tailor a cover letter to roles in medical science. After Thilini identified suitable companies on the east coast, Get Moving successfully recommended her for a position at Symbio Laboratories in Brisbane, Queensland. Symbio Laboratories was finding it difficult to recruit suitable graduates who were willing to work part-time and evening shifts. Thilini was happy to accept shift work and her mentor was able to help her demonstrate her strong work ethic because of her previous work in retail while she was studying.

Thilini’s Get Moving mentor helped her relocate to Brisbane in early June 2018, and she started work soon after. She is now living in secure and affordable accommodation and says she loves her job and new lifestyle in Brisbane.

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