Expert Advisory Panel report - 'I want to work: Employment Services 2020'

A picture of the cover of the report, 'I want to work, Employment Services 2020'.

The Employment Services Export Advisory Panel has provided its report to the Australian Government.

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An expert advisory panel has handed a report to the Australian Government, outlining recommendations on how employment services can best assist job seekers and employers in the future.

The independent panel, chaired by Mrs Sandra McPhee AM, brought together experts from a number of different areas.

Recognising the pace of digital advancement and changes in the Australian labour market, the panel has looked at current issues and how employment services can meet the needs of the Australian community in the future, with current jobactive services due to cease in July 2020.

The report to Government follows considerable consultation, research and deliberation. A public discussion paper was released in June 2018, which generated a number of submissions from stakeholders. The panel and department undertook extensive consultation with job seekers, employers, employment service providers, community organisations, academic and training institutions and local and state governments.

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In its report, the panel highlighted the importance role digital plays to help connect job seekers with services. The panel recommended a more tailored and digitally-enabled system for job seekers who do not require intensive support, enabling resources to be better directed to those job seekers with greater needs.

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The department will continue to engage and consult with stakeholders on the Government’s vision for the future employment service.

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