Explore Australia uncovers skills in demand where people live

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A new tool launched this week will help people looking for work—or a career change—to find out what skills are in demand where they live.

Explore Australia, a new feature on the already popular Job Outlook site, allows information to be sorted by state, region or electorate.

In addition to the skills that are in demand, it shows the largest employing jobs and how job opportunities have changed over time.

For example, in Bendigo over the five years to August 2016 the number of domestic cleaners grew 135.7%. This strong growth was also seen in Newcastle, where the number of domestic cleaners grew by 140%.

Department of Jobs and Small Business labour market analyst Ivan Neville said the feature provided insightful local employment information.  

‘Using online job vacancy data, Explore Australia shows the skills employers are looking for in local regions.’

‘It also provides a regional snapshot of the industries projected to grow over the next five years, helping people understand the opportunities available in their area now and those likely to exist in the future,’ Ivan said.

Some examples of the information that can be found on Explore Australia:

  • Fruit or nut farm worker is one of the largest growing jobs in Cairns
    • 10 per cent of online job vacancies specified machinery operation skills.
    • Cairns based employers are looking for applicants with an awareness of irrigation, forklift operation and food safety.
  • Electrician is the largest growing job in the Northern Territory
    • In addition to electrical work, job ads for electricians in Darwin specifically sought repair, communication and cabling skills.
    • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), high and low voltage operations, and equipment testing were mentioned in many job ads across the Territory.

Waiter is a growing job in several regions across Australia, but the skills in demand can be quite different depending on where the opportunities are. For instance, in Hobart some job ads specified food safety as a skill requirement, but in Melbourne it was more likely that employers were seeking waiters who could multi-task. On the Gold Coast, some employers wanted waiters with Microsoft Excel skills.

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