Growing the Launceston small business community

Launceston Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Talitha ‘Taz’ Devadass

Launceston Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Talitha ‘Taz’ Devadass

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Around the country, Entrepreneurship Facilitators are helping Australians turn their dreams into a business, by offering free support and expert advice.

Launceston Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Talitha ‘Taz’ Devadass, has been supporting locals to pursue their business dreams since 2016.
“My passion is to help people to accomplish their goals and support them to become financially independent,” Taz said.

“I love meeting with locals who are passionate about what they want. So many people have amazing ideas and skills, they just don’t know how to transfer them into a job or a business and need some extra support. This is where I come in.  

“By working with people from the beginning I’m able to help guide them in executing their business ideas. This can range from assisting them to write a business plan, develop their stakeholder engagement strategy, or to even set up their branding and marketing.” 

Since Taz began in her role, she has supported over 390 people to start their own business or become self-employed.
“The last three years have been so rewarding! I grew up in the Launceston area of Tasmania and it’s been an amazing experience to share my expertise with budding entrepreneurs and to help them to realise their dreams and increase their income capacity, skills and confidence.”

Owners of performance studio Method + Action, Melody and Josh, worked closely with Taz to set up, brand and market their business.

“Taz has been an amazing help for us. We had some good ideas and a good vision of what we wanted, but there were a lot of things that we hadn’t thought about. So it was nice to work with Taz to help make our dream a reality,” said owner Melody.  
Entrepreneurship Facilitators are now on the ground in 23 locations across Australia providing aspiring entrepreneurs with free mentoring and support to start their own business or become self-employed.  


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