Helping small businesses go digital and grow

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Small businesses around Australia now have access to individual support to grow their digital capabilities.

Research commissioned by the Small Business Digital Taskforce found small businesses that are digitally engaged are more likely to grow their revenue and up to eight times more likely to create new jobs.

It also found that only one-in-five small businesses currently has a digital strategy.

This is the gap that the digital reboot of the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) aims to fill.

Many small businesses will already be familiar with the support previously provided by the long-running ASBAS program, such as advice about funding, building a business, and building a talented team. Low cost services include diagnostics, business systems, mentoring and training.

The recently launched ASBAS Digital Solutions offers small businesses low cost and easy to understand advice on a range of digital solutions to meet their needs. Services may include one-on-one direct support, remote online or phone support, as well as interactive webinars and workshops.

Three major providers are working with partner organisations to deliver ASBAS right around Australia, including all rural and regional areas.

ASBAS Digital Solutions: grant amount and coverage area

Area 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 TOTAL
Penrith City and District Business Advisory Centre Limited (NSW/ACT) $1.02 million $2 million $2.07 million $1 million $6.09 million
Business Station Incorporated (QLD/NT/WA) $1 million $1.78 million $2 million $0.9 million $5.68 million
Darebin Enterprise Centre Limited (SA/VIC/TAS) $1.07 million $2.01 million $2.16 million $1.01 million $6.25 million

ASBAS Digital Solutions became available on 2 July 2018.

Find out more about the Australian Small Business Advisory Services.

Feature caption: Business owners like Thomas Burge (right), owner of Storehouse in South Gippsland, will be able to access advice on digital solutions to meet their business needs. 

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