Increasing job opportunities for Indigenous Australians in Brisbane

Group of seventeen participants from the Matchworks Concentrix services sessions

The selected candidates that will go through pre-employment training with Concentrix Services.

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Concentrix Services in Brisbane, Queensland, has worked with Matchworks and the Department of Jobs and Small Business to increase employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Concentrix is undergoing a large expansion after winning a tender to provide customer engagement services  to the Department of Human Services.

The company wanted to boost the number of Indigenous team members and decided to participate in Matchworks’ Deadly Mulan program. Meaning ‘great partnerships’, Deadly Mulan helps employers recruit Indigenous staff, paves the way for Indigenous job seekers to find meaningful work, and delivers Indigenous employment strategies.

Additionally, Deadly Mulan provides cultural awareness training for businesses.

Working with Concentrix, Matchworks ran a speed interviewing session attended by more than 50 Indigenous candidates. Successful interviewees were then short-listed for pre-employment training.

The pre-employment training is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the employer by building the participants’ skills, confidence and motivation.

For Concentrix, participants received three days of training focused on goal-setting and work etiquette. This was followed by three days of accredited training for developing the necessary skills to work in a call centre environment.

The training is coupled with ongoing mentoring, offering a unique experience that supports participants to transition smoothly to employment and build their work resilience.

Once the training was completed, Concentrix offered all 14 participants an opportunity to join the team. 

Employer Liaison Officer Sandee Harris said the program has been a huge success.

‘There was an amazing response, with 50 excellent candidates attending the information session, where the speed interviewing process worked really well for applicants and the employer,’ Sandee said. 

Melissa Kochanek and Jana Lanigan from Concentrix were very pleased with the quality of the initial candidates and said it had been hard to narrow the field.

‘Concentrix looks for candidates who enjoy helping people, have good communication skills and are keen to learn. We found this in the group of candidates who were selected for pre-employment training at Matchworks,’ Melissa said.

‘We are so pleased to see how enthusiastic and engaged the participants are in the program,’ Jana said.

The selected candidates appreciated the support provided by Matchworks and said they were feeling excited about their new jobs.

‘It has been great. There has been lots of support and I am so excited to be starting work and beginning a new career with Concentrix,’ Shikirah Kyle said.

‘The program has been awesome,’ another candidate, Vanessa Coolwell, said. ‘I have learnt a lot of skills that I can apply in my new role and I’m really looking forward to this new opportunity.’

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