Mentoring key to a dog’s life

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Barc for Pets premium dog-minding service will be able to reach new customers if they improve their digital systems

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Going digital might not seem like a priority for Barc for Pets — a business that specialises in dog-minding — but for owners Rebecca and Marc, going online will ensure their business can innovate, expand and meet their ambitious vision for the future.

Barc for Pets was chosen to take part in the Department of Jobs and Small Business’ Digital Champions project and will now receive a digital transformation through the guidance of Deloitte, the project’s Digital Transformation Provider, and with support from a Digital Mentor.

Rebecca explained that she and Marc want to build an online marketplace, establish digital systems to manage stock and finance, and expand their reach.

CAPTION: Rebecca would like to use digital systems to manage their stock and finance.

“Right now we service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but we’re in the process of expanding to other suburbs and across Australia. Getting online systems and software will allow us to remotely on‑board and train sub-contractors in each location,” Rebecca explained.

“We are also in the process of transforming our website and our ecommerce needs to be updated so we can sell our products and services online to local and international markets.”

Rebecca and Marc have been paired with Digital Mentor Angus Capel from Xero who will share his experience and knowledge of digital technology with them.

“For me, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate how the perceived complexity in implementing digital systems and tools is so often misplaced,” said Angus.

“The more businesses that digitise, the more productivity, profits, employment and wage growth we can all create – bolstering the health of communities and entire business ecosystems along the way.”

Rebecca said they have the motivation and vision to transform Barc for Pets and mentor’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable in helping them turn their vision into reality.

“I’ve always wanted a mentor. I feel personally like that’s the way you grow a business. You seek advice from somebody that’s done that before.”

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