National rollout to support mature age job seekers

Wanda, 63, a Career Transition Assistance program participant.

Wanda, 63, participated in the Career Transition Assistance program to get back into the workforce and help hone her digital skills.

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Mature-age job seekers in all employment regions across Australia can now get help to become more competitive in their local job market.

From 1 July 2019, Career Transition Assistance (CTA) providers will deliver a program for job seekers aged 45 and over to help hone digital skills, improve work confidence and link them with local job opportunities.

Over 180,000 Australians will be able to receive help through CTA. Already, almost 1000 job seekers have undertaken CTA during a year-long trial of the program delivered in five employment regions.

After a being made redundant, Wanda, 63, was not ready to retire and wanted to stay active and connected to her community.

Wanda had been out of work for about a year, and after being unsuccessful for many job applications, her confidence was low and she realised she needed help to get back into the workforce.

She attended CTA in Ballarat, where her CTA facilitator, Christine, helped her to improve her resume and interview skills, and build her resilience and confidence to network and apply for more jobs in her town.

Wanda successfully got a part-time job at Woolworths and continues to encourage others to take part in the CTA program.

“It’s well worth giving a go,” said Wanda.

“They help you with everything just to give you that confidence; confidence is the key.’

ABS Labour Force data shows older Australians are unemployed for longer than other job seekers. Mature-age Australians (aged over 55) are unemployed for an average of 75 weeks, compared with 48 weeks across all age groups.

Employers told the department that they value the attributes older Australians bring to the work place and they provided tips for mature-age jobs seekers to improve their employment prospects. The top trait employers are looking for is up-to-date skills, particularly in computing and technology.

Help available through CTA

CTA offers participants an intensive program of up to eight weeks, to work on the skills and attributes employers are looking for. People must be registered with a jobactive provider to access the CTA program.

The program gives participants practical assistance to identify existing transferrable skills, research and understand the local job market, explore new occupations suited to their skills, learn resilience strategies and improve computing and digital skills using different types of technology.

Businesses that hire mature-age jobs seekers may be able to receive a wage subsidy of $10,000.

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