New tool to help workers pave the way to their next career move

A screenshot of the Skills Match tool web page.

The new Skills Match tool helps users to match their current skills and experience to new jobs.

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Skills Match is the latest online, interactive tool now available on the Job Outlook website to help workers and job seekers match their current skills and experience to new jobs.

The Skills Match tool is for people of any age and stage in their working life — workers looking for a promotion, a new start, those looking for work facing retrenchment, and those looking to broaden their skillset.

In a few clicks, users can discover the key skills they may have developed throughout their career, ideas for careers they can transfer into, and the new skills needed to step into an alternative career. The tool also suggests training pathways to help make the leap.

This information can be used to prepare résumés or in conversation with potential employers.

Labour Market Analyst, Ivan Neville, said, “Skills Match and the other features of Job Outlook can help job seekers discover the opportunities open to them.

“The idea for Skills Match came from our experience in industry structural adjustment, supporting automotive manufacturers to transition to new careers,” said Ivan.

“We found many workers didn’t appreciate that they had many skills that employers valued, and that these skills were transferable to other industries.”

“For example, someone with experience as a vehicle body builder and trimmer can use Skills Match in just a few clicks to find that their occupation is a strong match to welders. They could complete a Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade to bridge the skills gap between these occupations. This is the kind of practical information job seekers need to be successful in navigating the new world of work.”

Job Outlook provides career information and support for students, job seekers and workers of all ages. Visit to discover the skills, knowledge and abilities you may need to get and keep a job, and find ideas for a new career.

Job Outlook also features:

  • A Career Quiz to help people find career options that match their interests
  • More than 1200 career profiles
  • Explore Australia, showing the skills in demand for the largest employing jobs where you live
  • A snapshot of the future outlook for employment, showing where opportunities in the labour market may be over the next five years

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