A PaTH internship leads Janaya to her dream job as a mechanic

A smiling young woman in a blue work shirt is leaning into the engine cavity of a car, with its hood up.

Janaya completed an internship through the Youth Jobs PaTH program, which landed her a job as an apprentice mechanic.

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Janaya Paul, a young Indigenous woman from the Gold Coast, is excited to have landed a job as an apprentice mechanic with the help of the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

Youth Jobs PaTH boosts the job prospects of young people by preparing them for the workforce and encouraging businesses to give them a chance. The program has three elements: Prepare - Employability Skills Training (EST), Trial – internships, and Hire – a Youth Bonus wage subsidy available to businesses who employ eligible young people.

Janaya successfully completed an EST course with training specialists Novaskill, who worked with her jobactive provider APM to help her secure an internship with Gullwings Mercedes Auto Parts & Repair Specialists.

‘When I started the Employability Skills Training, we started with basic group exercises to get used to each other and then we started on resumes and learned how to do interviews,’ Janaya said.

‘I enjoyed the group activities the most. They were fun little exercises to do and it really brought everyone together as a team and helped us work with each other. I definitely had more confidence after the training.

‘It helped me a lot with the job interview here at Gullwings Mechanics.’

Janaya said doing an internship was a great way to ease into the job.

‘The internship at Gullwings was great. It showed me the ropes before I got myself into it. I could see what it was like, if I was going to enjoy it or not and what the people were like. It was helpful because I got to learn things before I started in the workshop and how it ran, and what happened on a daily basis.

‘When I found out I got the apprenticeship at Gullwings Mechanics, I was over the moon with excitement and happiness, and I called everyone and told them I got it,’ Janaya said.

Kelly Nicholson and Stefan Kubler, co-owners of Gullwings, were very happy with the way the PaTH program helped them find and hire Janaya.

They didn’t hesitate to offer Janaya an apprenticeship after her internship, even though in the past they’d found recruiting staff quite a challenging exercise.

‘She showed initiative, she wasn't afraid to try anything,’ Stefan said. ‘If in doubt, she always asked. She has the attributes that we were looking for, she has the skills, she's fitted in perfectly and she's moving forward at a great rate of knots which is really impressive.’

Kelly said PaTH had helped with finding great staff previously. ‘The people that have come on board through the Youth Jobs PaTH program have stayed on board, so for us it’s an asset,’ she said.

As a child, Janaya remembers doing restorations on toy cars. ‘I have four brothers, so there was always toy cars around. That is what made me get into cars and all the workings behind them, and the mechanical side. And as much as mum tried with Barbie dolls, it just didn't work,’ Janaya said.

According to Australian Jobs 2018, there were 109,900 motor mechanics employed around Australia in November 2017, and only 1% were female.

But Janaya said it shouldn’t put women off the job if they’re interested.

‘Being a female in a male-dominated industry, it can be daunting and overwhelming at the start. But go get it. It's the best decision I've made, and everyone's accommodating.’

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