PaTH training helps 20,000 young people get ready for work

Employability Skills Training made a ‘big difference’ in Rebecca Oldfield’s life, helping her successfully apply for a job at Café 89 in Mudgee.

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20,000 unemployed young people have now gained the skills to help them meet employers’ needs. And more than 30% of them have moved into a job or an internship.

Employability Skills Training (EST) is the ‘prepare’ element of the Australian Government’s Youth Jobs PaTH initiative. It equips young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to be successful in a job.

It includes job-search skills, résumé development and interview techniques. A second block of training focuses on workplace skills, such as IT, problem solving, effective communication and the opportunity to meet with employers.

It makes getting a job that little bit easier by providing intensive pre-employment training so young people get used to being in a work environment.

After a long period of unemployment, EST paved the way for 20-year-old Rebecca Oldfield from Mudgee, New South Wales, towards a job. It has also helped her find her longed-for independence.

‘This year I had a goal of getting a job and getting my driver’s licence and now I have done both of those things,’ she said.

Rebecca had tried hard to find a job on her own but her lack of experience had held her back.

‘I was applying but no one was really interested,’ Rebecca said. ‘I was applying everywhere.’

‘I did EST to improve my chances of getting a job. The training taught me how to dress, how to act, how to ask the right sorts of questions. It was more practical.’

When it came to taking up an internship in a café, despite not having worked in one before, Rebecca felt the training had given her the confidence to take it on. ‘I decided I’d like to give it a try,’ she said.

It turned out to be a good decision. After a four-week internship at Café 89, Rebecca was offered a job – one that she loves.

‘EST made a big difference in my life,’ Rebecca said.

Café owner, Joanne Gates, also found real value in the training Rebecca had received.

‘EST gave Rebecca an edge,’ she said. ‘She’d obviously done some training in how to meet and greet people, how to interview, and just how to have a positive interaction in the workplace. It gave her a really big step up.’

Andres Donoso, Managing Director of D&S Resources, a procurement and project-management service provider in Adelaide, has also seen the benefit of EST for employers. He recently employed a young person full-time who had participated in the training program.

‘You still support that young person while they’re getting used to being in the work environment,’ Andres said. ‘EST just makes it that little bit easier.’


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Feature caption: Employability Skills Training made a ‘big difference’ in Rebecca Oldfield’s life, helping her successfully apply for a job at Café 89 in Mudgee.

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