Recruitment conditions in Hobart strengthening

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The recruitment market in Hobart is strengthening, according to research conducted by the Department of Jobs and Small Business.

The Department monitors recruitment conditions through the Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences to find out about the health of the jobs market. In 2017, the Department collected information on recruitment conditions in capital cities.

Information on a range of recruitment indicators such as the number of vacancies advertised and filled, applicant numbers, and employers’ recruitment expectations was collected.  

Recruitment conditions improved significantly in Hobart in 2017, with 29% of employers increasing staff numbers in the past 12 months - the highest proportion since 2011 and above the average for all capital cities.

Only 10% of employers in Hobart decreased staff numbers, the lowest of all capital cities.

Labour Market Analyst Ivan Neville explained that the pickup in conditions was positive for those looking for work.

“There are clear signs that the Hobart jobs market has strengthened, presenting local people with opportunities across a broad range of occupations.”

The improvement in recruitment conditions is consistent with recent strong employment growth. Data from the ABS Labour Force Survey showed annual employment growth of 6.3% in the year to March 2018, the highest annual increase since the series began in 1999.

Employers in Hobart in 2017 were optimistic about the future. When asked to nominate their greatest future concern, almost one in three surveyed employers reported no future concerns, by far the most of any capital city.

Additionally, Hobart had the lowest proportion of employers who were concerned about demand for their goods or services or the economy.

“The improved labour market conditions in Hobart also brought with it some additional challenges for employers in attracting workers,” Ivan said.

The proportion of employers who reported difficulty in recruiting staff increased from 33% in 2016 to 42% in 2017.

More than half (52%) of employers recruiting for higher skilled occupations experienced difficulty.

Read the report, Recruitment Conditions in Australia’s Capital Cities 2017.

Feature caption:  Employer Darren Pybus, who owns Wet-Seal Waterproofing in Hobart, recently recruited a new employee, Paola, through jobactive to help grow his business.

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