Timothy's determination pays off in Mt Isa

Two men posing for the camera wearing high vis work clothes.

Timothy (left) and Ash are enjoying working together again, after Timothy got a second chance.

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Despite experiencing significant barriers to work, Timothy Belia’s persistence and determination, combined with continued support from jobactive and his employer, landed him a job with a Mt Isa business.

Timothy first came to his jobactive provider, Max Employment in Mt Isa, in 2016. With no driver’s licence and a serious medical condition, he was experiencing significant difficulties finding work.

Determined to find work as a labourer, Timothy regularly attended his appointments and completed job searching requirements, and was eventually referred to Ash Varley at local scaffolding business, Fast Scaff, for an opportunity working as a yardsman.

Max Employment organised Timothy’s medical checks and paid for his personal protective equipment through the Employment Fund, and he started work at Fast Scaff, maintaining the workshop and yard. The business provides prestart checks on trucks and vehicles, making sure all moving parts and tools are well oiled and in good working order.

Timothy got off to a good start.

“I was really enjoying the work. I liked being hands on, cleaning and maintaining the place and it was going good for a while,” Timothy said.

“But then some personal stuff got in the way and I couldn’t turn up to work for a while.”

Timothy was away for several months. But after a while, he returned to Mt Isa and reconnected with his jobactive provider. He started job hunting again and interviewed for a few jobs, but was not offered any.

Eventually, he decided to contact Fast Scaff and asked if he could have another chance. The manager asked Timothy to come down for a chat.

“We talked about me always turning up to work and doing my job and they offered me my old job back and said I could start that day,” Timothy said.

“I’m stoked. I’m working on getting my driver’s licence but for now I walk to work every morning from the other side of town. I don’t mind. I love it and I’m usually one of the first on the job.

“I feel more confident and I can see a brighter future for myself,” he said.

Ash is also very happy with the outcome.

“It’s been really good this time around, having Tim back. He is more confident, he can follow instructions and he can work without supervision. He is very self motivated,” Ash said. “Tim makes sure everything is good to go and maintains the yard as well as the tools.”

Timothy has since gained his learner’s permit, his Working at Heights ticket and has received a site induction for Mica Creek power station.

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