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A new user guide can help you explore local jobs data and find the information and insights you need.

The Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP) brings together data and insights from a range of official sources to increase your understanding of local labour markets.

Businesses, researchers, economists, government employees, job seekers and people planning their next career move may all find the information helpful, as well as labour market analysts.

Now, the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business has made it even easier to access the diverse range of information on the Portal, by producing a helpful user guide, called Using LMIP to understand your local region: A user story

The user guide can step you through finding key data sources to help you unlock deeper insights into the jobs in demand and local labour market conditions.

Summary data

  • Each local region contains a summary data table that includes the unemployment rate, the number of unemployed people, and the number of people using jobactive.

Key employment data

  • To explore labour market data over a time period, this feature will generate a line chart and corresponding table. It can, for example, show how the unemployment rate of a local region has changed over the past 15 years.

Employment by industry and occupation

  • Local labour market information can be also be sorted by industry and occupation groups, which is available by full-time/part-time status, gender and movement over the past five years. This is useful for understanding what sort of job opportunities are growing in your local area.

Online job advertisements

  • The Vacancy Report can help you understand which jobs are in demand and how this is changing over time. It includes the number of recently lodged online job advertisements. It is published monthly, and is available by occupation, skill level and region.

Employment projections

  • See projected employment estimates to gauge future job opportunities. This is useful for school leavers wondering what area of training or study to go into, or for anyone thinking about a career change. You can view total employment growth over the next five years, as well as growth by industries, occupations and in regions across Australia.

The portal also provides information about recruitment experiences and insights from employers about what they look for in job applicants, a particularly useful feature for anyone entering the job market.

From the Employers’ Recruitment Insights Page, you can find Employers’ Recruitment Experiences, tips for young or mature-age job seekers, job search advice for workers facing retrenchment, and advice for ex-offenders looking for work.

Recent data releases

You can find the Labour Market Information Portal user guide.

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