Young people create content for Job Jumpstart

Three separate photo frames. 1-A young woman looking at the camera in front of a graphiti wall. 2-A young man sitting in a fire truck with a fire fighter looking on. 3- A young woman sitting at a desk smiling at the camera.

A group of young people participated in a Job Jumpstart photoshoot project in Tamworth, NSW in June 2018, workshopping the styles of images to be taken and helping the Department co-ordinate the project with their local community including speaking with local employers.

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When it comes to assisting young people make the transition from education to employment, there’s no ‘one size fits all’.

The Job Jumpstart website provides practical information and resources to support young people to understand their own work preferences and strengths, so they can confidently take action towards their employment goals.

The website also includes employment planning and job search information, including:

  • How to talk to employers about jobs
  • Tips on tailoring a cover letter and résumé to a specific job and
  • Confidence boosting tips to succeed at interviews.

Job Jumpstart was developed in consultation with young people and their supporters. Its content reflects what young people tell us they want to know about transitioning from study to work. To make it easier for young people to use, information is broken down for those at different stages, such as I’m still at school, I’m on a gap year and I’m looking for a job.

New material on Job Jumpstart continues this ethos of collaboration with young people to create engaging and relevant content.

A new suite of videos was recently developed, scripted and produced by young people working with YLab, a digital storytelling arm of The Foundation for Young Australians.

For separate photo frames. 1-Two young women talking to a female fire fighter. 2- A young woman smiling at the camera in front of a graphiti wall. 3- Two young men together in a park smiling at the camera. 4- A close-up of a hand on a basketball.

More of the shots produced as part of the Job Jumpstart photoshoot project in Tamworth.

In addition, a range of new images were created as part of a youth photo shoot project undertaken in regional NSW. This project included a workshop to get young peoples’ insights and preferences for the types of images that engage them with job search and employment, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

These young people then collaborated with a photographer and directed the photo shoot.

A young woman and a young man in front of a tree, smiling at the camera.

One of the photos produced as part of the Job Jumpstart photoshoot project.

Job Jumpstart also recognises that a supportive network is important in helping young people transition to work. The site includes Help for Advisers as well as content such as How to support a young job seeker - Tips for parents.

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