Programs and initiatives

We are working on a range of policy initiatives, programs and campaigns to help Australians from all walks of life.

Time to Work Employment Service

The Time to Work Employment Service is a national voluntary in-prison employment service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Trailblazer Universities Program

On 24 November 2021, the former Prime Minister announced an investment of $242.7 million to support select universities to boost prioritised research and development and drive commercialisation outcomes with industry partners from 2021-22 until 2025-26. This includes a total of $30 million for…

Trainer and assessor credential requirements

Well-qualified trainers and assessors are important to the success of Australia’s VET system. New requirements came into effect from 1 July 2019.

Transferring Student Data Interstate

The Interstate Student Data Transfer Note and Protocol supports the exchange of student information between schools when children move state.

Transition to Work

Transition to Work helps young people aged 15-24 into work (including apprenticeships and training) or education. Transition to Work participants receive intensive, pre-employment support to develop practical skills to get a job, connect with education or training, find local job opportunities…

Tuition Protection Review

The Review of Australia’s tuition protection arrangements across the higher education sector, the international education sector, and the VET Student Loans (VSL) program was initiated by the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business and the then Minister for Education…

Tuition Protection Service

The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) may assist students to either continue their studies through another course or different provider, or by being provided a refund or loan re-credit for education and training they paid for but did not receive.


University Research Commercialisation Package

On 1 February 2022, the Prime Minister announced the University Research Commercialisation Action Plan, a $2.2 billion investment to place university innovation and industry collaboration front and centre of Australia’s economic recovery.

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VET Student Loans

The VET Student Loans (VSL) program assists eligible students pay tuition fees for approved higher-level (diploma and above) vocational education and training (VET) courses, when studying at VET Student Loans approved course providers. The program is designed to provide financial support to…

Vocational Education and Training for Secondary Students

Secondary school students can undertake vocational education and training (VET) while still in school to help put them on their career pathway. As a student in years 9 to 12, you can acquire workplace skills through nationally recognised training or an accredited course.

Wage subsidies

Wage subsidies are a financial incentive to encourage employers to hire eligible participants in ongoing jobs by contributing to the initial costs of hiring a new employee. Wage subsidies can help to build a business and give employers greater flexibility in their hiring options.

Women in STEM Cadetships and Advanced Apprenticeships

This page provides information on the Women in STEM Cadetships and Advanced Apprenticeships Program.

Work for the Dole

Work for the Dole places job seekers in activities where they can gain skills and experience, give back to the community and get help to find a job. Find information for job seekers, Host Organisations and Indigenous specific Work for the Dole Activities. 

Workforce Australia

Starting on 4 July, Workforce Australia will be the new employment service delivered by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Workforce Hub

How we work and the composition of our workforce continues to evolve. Having the right policy settings to adapt quickly to these changes is key to Australia’s future prosperity.


The Department of Education, Skills and Employment delivers programs and services to support young Australians to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be successful in education, work and life.

Youth Advisory Sessions

The Youth Advisory Sessions helps young people aged 15-24, in online and digital employment services to maintain their work readiness and/or motivation and to find employment. Young people can get up to three, free, one-hour advisory sessions with a specialist youth consultant.

Youth Jobs PaTH

Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government service that helps young people gain the skills and work experience needed to get and keep a job. It also supports businesses to trial young people in the workplace and offers a financial incentive when they hire. Youth Jobs PaTH has 3 elements –…