Community Child Care Fund

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The Community Child Care Fund is designed to help eligible child care providers address barriers to child care participation, particularly in disadvantaged communities, including Indigenous communities. There are various streams of funding, as explained below.

Community Child Care Fund—open competitive program

Eligible providers can apply for grant funding to:

  • make it easier for disadvantaged or vulnerable families and communities to access and use child care services
  • support child care services operating in areas of limited supply to improve the financial viability and sustainability of their service
  • provide capital support (for modifying or extending buildings to increase the supply of child care places in areas of high unmet demand).

Community Child Care Fund—restricted non-competitive program

The Community Child Care Fund restricted non-competitive program is available to specified providers only. Eligible providers will be notified and invited to apply.

Eligible providers can apply for grant funding to:

  • ensure continuity of child care services during and beyond any period of transition
  • support eligible child care services to build capacity and operate sustainably under the new child care system
  • support services to increase participation by Indigenous children.

See the Community Child Care Fund for more information. Grant opportunities, including eligibility criteria, will be advertised on GrantConnect at

Connected Beginnings program

The Connected Beginnings program is designed to integrate early childhood, maternal and child health, and family support services with schools in a selected number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities experiencing disadvantage.

More information about  the Connected Beginnings program.