The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with The Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP).

Academic Credit Arrangements (Credit Recognition)


The department commissioned PhillipsKPA consultants to undertake background research to support consideration of the adequacy of the regulatory framework for academic credit pathways in higher education. The report provides recommendations and draws together issues, practices, policy and regulation, and feedback from consultations.

HESP advice to the Minister for Education, 30 March 2020


Letter from Professor Emeritus Ian O’Connor AC, Chair of the HESP to the Hon Dan Tehan MP, Minister for Education providing HESP advice and proposed amendments to the Threshold Standards in regard to academic credit arrangements. 

Australian Government response


Australian Government response to the advice of the HESP on student academic integrity and cheating

Review of the Higher Education Provider Category Standards - Discussion Paper


This Discussion Paper set out a number of considerations to help guide submissions to the PCS Review, including:

the way Australia defines its higher education providers and universities how the PCS signal differentiation across the sector how the PCS can be optimised to best meet student, industry, regulator and government needs.

The invitation for public submissions to the PCS Review is now closed.

No 14 - Your Tutor


YourTutor Submission on Improving Completion, Retention and Success in Higher Education

No 15 - TEQSA


Submissions received by the Higher Education Standards Panel as of September 2017