Career education resources

Making a career choice while still at school, and choosing subjects to work towards it can be difficult. Various resources are available to make this easier for students.

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Career Bullseye posters

Career Bullseye posters can help young people choose their school subjects based on what jobs they can lead to. The Bullseye posters reflect possible career options and training requirements for 33 subjects.

Ten Biographical Bullseyes feature a subject bullseye and the potential careers that subject can lead to, including career biographies of two young people who studied that subject and the pathway they followed.

The posters are available as:

All 33 Bullseye posters have been combined into an A4 booklet called School subjects you like and jobs they can lead to.

The Job Guide

The Job Guide provides an in-depth look at various occupations, and education and training pathways to support people to make informed career decisions.

The 2015 Job Guide was the final edition and hard copies are no longer available.

Electronic copies are not available on this website due to size and accessibility issues, but can be accessed via Dropbox.

Want to know more?

  • Course Seeker is a national course comparison tool, where students can search over 8,000 courses and then compare up to four higher education courses at once. Deciding on a course and where to study can be a daunting experience. Course Seeker assists students by narrowing down course search results through filtering by ATAR, mode of study, study area or location.
  • ComparED helps Australians to make informed choices about their higher education study options by bringing together survey data from the higher education institutions about student’s experiences and graduate job outcomes. View over 100 higher education institutions and simultaneously compare up to six different institutions and/or study areas, focusing on student experiences, skill development, the teaching practices, employment outcomes, facilities and student support services
  • Job Outlook can help students make decisions about study and training, first job, or the next step in their career. The site lets users explore careers to learn about future outlook, pay, main tasks, physical and other demands, the skills, knowledge and abilities needed, and links to job vacancies and related courses.
  • Job Jumpstart offers support for young jobseekers and their parents, teachers, and career advisers, with printable workbooks and tip sheets, recruitment insights from Australian employers, and information and links to government resources.
  • The My Skills website connects individuals and employers with training organisations that best suit their needs.