Job seekers

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If you participate in the SEE program, you can:

  • get up to 650 hours of free training
  • begin at your own level
  • learn at your own pace
  • continue to look for work or care for your family
  • study anywhere is Australia
  • study full time, part time or by distance
  • study between 10 and 25 hours a week
  • study in a classroom or remotely or a combination of both
  • study initial, basic and advanced accredited English language, literacy and numeracy
  • do work experience as part of training
  • do training based on your future goals
  • do training tailored to meet your needs

How the SEE program can help you

There are many potential benefits for job seekers participating in training through the SEE program, including:

  • overall improvement in language, literacy and numeracy skills 
  • improved confidence and ability to engage in the community
  • increased confidence to undertake further study
  • obtaining new or improved vocational skills for further study or employment
  • developing pathways to employment
  • ability to gain more stable, appropriate, long-term employment

The SEE program is a great way to gain the confidence and English language, literacy and numeracy skills needed to get the job you want or go on to further study.

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Watch this animation to see how the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program can help you achieve your goals with free reading, writing and maths training.

Carla was a stay-at-home parent wanting to enter employment who realised that she needed to improve her reading and writing to get further qualifications in childcare. Due to her location and personal circumstances, she has been participating in SEE which offers her the flexibility to go to class and study from home. Watch this animation to learn more.

A students success story

Although Kristy was fairly confident about her language, literacy and numeracy skills, a SEE assessment showed that she could benefit from some improvements and support. Read the article, A Student’s Success Story for the full story on how Kristy’s experience with the SEE program helped her to achieve her goals and successfully undertake a total career change and gain employment.

How can I access training?

To find out if you are eligible for this program and to get a referral, you should talk to Services Australia on 132 850 or contact your local employment services provider:

There are training organisations all around Australia that provide Skills for Education and Employment training. They are called 'providers'. Providers are Registered Training Organisations and include technical colleges, private providers and universities.

You can find your local provider on the SEE Providers page.