Digital Skills Organisation Pilot

The Australian Government has established a Skills Organisation pilot for the digital technology sector.

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The DSO will shape the national training system, testing innovative solutions to ensure that digital training meets the skills needs of employers. The DSO will work on identifying skills needs, developing agile qualifications, and improving the quality of training delivery and assessment. It will engage with other reforms occurring across the national training system where relevant.

The DSO is one of three industry-led Skills Organisation pilots designed to inform broader improvements to the national training system. Pilots are also underway in the human services care and mining sectors. The pilots are engaging with other reforms across the national training system including the National Skills Commission and the National Careers Institute as needed.

The DSO was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in June 2020. The DSO Board is working with employers, training organisations, learners and technology communities to connect different parts of the vocational training system with industry, build Australia’s digital workforce and provide the competitive edge needed in the global market.


‘Provide an innovative and world-leading approach to training and employing people in digital skills in Australia.’


‘Curate and initiate impact projects and strategic initiatives in the digital skills sector to increase outcomes for both learners and employers as quantified through increased enrolments, completions and employment.’

Over the coming months, sector stakeholders will have opportunities to contribute to the development of:

  1. Short term projects to improve the relevance, responsiveness and quality of digital skills training;
  2. a model for the longer term operations and priorities of the pilot and a proposed future work plan, including governance arrangements to ensure the formal pilot entity represents the broad interests and needs of the digital technology sector.

To find out more about how DSO will achieve its vision and mission and to stay connected by joining the mailing list visit the Digital Skills Organisation website. For all other enquiries, email