The Human Services Skills Organisation’s (HSSO) projects focus on delivering skilled employees that meet the evolving demands of the industry today and into the future.

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Through industry involvement with the HSSO, human services employers will lead strategic thinking on a wide range of workforce and skilling issues including recruitment, career pathways, and businesses growth.

These projects will help the HSSO to equip Australia’s human services industry with a highly skilled, resilient and adaptable workforce that is responsive and demand-driven to the needs of employers.

Entry into Care Roles skill set evaluation

This project is focused on evaluating the effectiveness, utility and impact of the Entry into Care Roles skill set delivery conducted by the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s National Skills Training Trial, a co-designed training pathway carried out across select regions nationally.

Mental wellbeing training

In response to an industry demand for mental wellbeing training, the HSSO is commissioning the development of specialist training that is affordable, timely and accessible for the aged care and disability sector. Training in a number of aged care and disability organisations will be trialled and evaluated prior to rolling it out more broadly across the sector.

‘How to engage’ guide

This project will result in a trial guide for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and employers to use to enhance their working relationship. It will ensure expectations for training content, training delivery, and assessment of learners are shared and cohesive. This work will closely complement any resources needed to support employers and RTOs to facilitate VET work placements in the human services sector.

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