Whether you’re an employer, employee, business owner, learner, apprentice, job seeker, peak body, union, employer association or Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you will likely have experience with the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

The VET sector supports and develops diverse skills across a broad range of industries. Importantly, a strong VET sector will ensure Australia has a highly skilled workforce ready for the job market, now and into the future.

Recognising the importance of a high quality VET system that works for everyone, Australian governments (both at the national and state and territory level) have agreed to immediately progress reforms in the following key areas:

  • strengthening the role of industry and employers
  • improving VET qualifications
  • raising the quality of training

These reforms are the next step in improving Australia’s VET system, building on previous consultations and feedback received from across the sector.

We are asking for your views on how to improve the VET system. There will be multiple opportunities for you to provide your feedback, views and thoughts on improving VET.  This will include discussion papers, workshops and online surveys. We will continue to update this page with opportunities to engage in the coming weeks and months. 

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Improving industry engagement and qualifications

Australia’s VET system is recognised for its industry engagement, quality and capacity to deliver qualifications that align to jobs.

Strong industry engagement ensures a flexible, responsive and trusted VET system. It is important that all training delivered through the VET system meets industry and learner needs. 

The Heads of Agreement on Skills Reform commits to immediate reforms that will strengthen the training system, including simplifying, rationalising and streamlining of national VET qualifications.

We want to know how we can ensure that national VET training products continue to meet the needs of employers and learners now and into the future. You can learn more about the case for change and share your views here.

Raising the quality of training

Raising the quality of training is a key priority for the VET sector. A strong and well-supported training system will enable RTOs to strive for excellence and enhance the quality of training and delivery for the benefit of both learners and employers. We are seeking views from all those who engage with the VET sector, including RTOs, employers and learners on:

Have your say

We are seeking your views on what works well and what could be improved in these areas to ensure our VET system is high quality, relevant and responsive. You may have an interest in one or all these reform areas.


Australia’s VET system drives the skilled workforce which supports our economy. You can visit the skills reform page for more information. The Commonwealth and all state and territory governments have signed the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform which sets out national reforms for the VET sector. The priorities in the agreement are aimed at ensuring the VET system is delivering for students and employers and equipping Australians with the skills they need for emerging jobs.

This consultation process is a recognition of the need for a truly national approach to Skills Reform. This will continue the work undertaken through reviews and consultations over the past 18 months, to further refine the best approach for Australia’s VET system.

For more information, please email VET-Reforms-Engagement@dese.gov.au

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