Departmental statement on AAMS project closure

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The Department of Education and Training has ceased work on the Australian Apprenticeship Management System (AAMS) project. The project was intended to deliver a new IT system to replace the current Training and Youth Internet Management System (TYIMS) which supports Australian Apprenticeships.

This decision follows a series of ongoing delays in the delivery of the project, and testing with users from Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers and State Training Authorities. The testing revealed significant capability gaps between the proposed AAMS product and users’ current needs and expectations.

The department has therefore ceased work on the AAMS project rather than continue to invest in a system which ultimately may not have met the current business needs or future requirements of Australia’s apprenticeship and traineeship system.

This decision does not alter the ability of employers to continue to hire, train and retain apprentices. Our current system (TYIMS) continues to operate to support apprentices, employers, and Network Providers.

The department commissioned an independent review of the AAMS project which has been conducted by PwC.

The department has accepted all the findings and recommendations arising from the PwC review. We acknowledge and apologise that weaknesses in our project management practices contributed to this outcome.

The department will work closely with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to ensure lessons learnt are well documented and will seek advice on how the department can lift its capability for future projects through co-design and an agile approach to IT project delivery.

The department will reassess its need for future system changes in consultation with Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers and State Training Authorities.