Transition to Work - Job Plan Guideline

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This Guideline outlines the Transition to Work Provider’s responsibilities and required actions when creating, reviewing and updating a Participant’s Job Plan. Providers must consult with the Participant when determining the Activities to be included in the Job Plan. The requirements for a Job Plan, as outlined in this Guideline, apply to both Participants with Mutual Obligation Requirements (Group One and Group Three) and to Participants who do not have Mutual Obligation Requirements (Group Two). 

The Job Plan outlines the agreed items that will satisfy the Participant’s participation in Transition to Work. In return for the safety net of receiving taxpayer-funded income support and/or intensive support provided through Transition to Work. Participants are generally required to engage in Transition to Work for 25 hours per week. If they do not, they must be exited from Transition to Work; if they have Mutual Obligation Requirements they must be exited and referred to jobactive or a New Employment Services Trial provider (NEST provider). 

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