Comprehensive Compliance Assessments and Compliance Activities Guideline

A Comprehensive Compliance Assessment is a holistic assessment to determine why a job seeker is not meeting their Mutual Obligation Requirements when they are having difficulty doing so. The Assessment looks at whether the job seeker is being deliberately and persistently non-compliant or if there are unidentified barriers preventing the job seeker from fully meeting their Mutual Obligations Requirements and for which they need additional or alternative assistance.

The findings of a Comprehensive Compliance Assessment assist the jobactive Provider (Provider) to make decisions about how to service their job seeker and ensure the job seeker is able to fully meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements.

Serious Failures occur when the job seeker is found to be deliberately and persistently non-compliant through a Comprehensive Compliance Assessment or refuses to accept or commence suitable employment. Serious Failures can result in a penalty of eight weeks non-payment.

If the job seeker chooses to undertake a Compliance Activity, the eight week non-payment penalty is waived. A Compliance Activity requires intensive participation by the job seeker and is intended to keep the job seeker engaged with services to help them find employment.

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