Work for the Dole Guideline

Work for the Dole is designed to help job seekers gain the skills, experience and confidence needed to move from welfare to work as soon as possible. It provides a valuable opportunity for job seekers to demonstrate their capabilities and positive work behaviours which will stand them in good stead with potential employers while at the same time making a positive contribution to the local community.

Job seekers generally have Mutual Obligation Requirements, such as looking for work and participating in Activities that will improve their employment prospects. These include the requirement for job seekers to participate for six months each year in Work for the Dole or other approved Activities in order to meet their Annual Activity Requirements in the Work for the Dole Phase. Work for the Dole may also be undertaken outside the Work for the Dole Phase.

Work health and safety is a fundamental requirement of the Work for the Dole program. Job seekers must be safe at all times when participating in Work for the Dole Activities. Work health and safety needs to be assessed at the outset when contemplating whether an Activity is suitable for Work for the Dole. Where work health and safety concerns are identified that cannot be removed or adequately controlled, the Activity must not proceed as a Work for the Dole Activity.

This Guideline outlines the requirements for jobactive providers (Providers) when setting up and managing Work for the Dole Activities. It includes specific requirements for ensuring that there is a safe system of work in place at all times during the conduct of a Work for the Dole Activity.

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