Census Day Calculator

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A provider must set census days for each course [VET Student Loans Act 2016 s58(2)]. There must be at least 3 census days for the course. Each census day for part of the course must be at least 20 per cent of the way between when that part of the course starts to be provided and when a student is reasonably expected to complete that part of the course [VET Student Loans Rules s131].

The census day calculator is provided to assist providers calculate a compliant census day, if inputting the start and end date for a unit.

NOTE: The calculator does not return dates occurring on a Saturday or Sunday. Where the calculated date occurs on a weekend, the date of the following Monday is returned. It is a provider’s responsibility to check whether the date returned is a public holiday. Where the date returned is a public holiday it is advisable to set the census date on a subsequent business day.

Please report any issues with this calculator to the department.

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