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Information about the roles and responsibilities of Work for the Dole host organisations.

Work for the Dole is part of the Australian Government’s jobactive employment service. It is a work experience program designed to help job seekers gain new skills while they look for work.

As a Work for the Dole host organisation, you can get access to extra sets of hands to undertake activities and projects that may not normally get done.

By hosting activities you can help job seekers gain the skills, experience and confidence they need to move off welfare and into a job.

jobactive providers can work with you to identify suitable Work for the Dole activities which are of benefit to the community.

Who can host a Work for the Dole activity?

Work for the Dole activities can only be hosted by not-for-profit organisations and local, state, territory and Australian government agencies.

What is the role of a host?

As a Work for the Dole host, you will provide work-like activities for Work for the Dole participants.

Your provider can help you determine the projects that participants complete.

You will need to provide participants with supervision and any on-the-job training and monitor their attendance.

You must also ensure that your activity meets all relevant work health and safety requirements.

Job seekers continue to receive income support and assistance from their provider during Work for the Dole.

What support is available?

Your provider will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met.

This includes having job seekers complete any training necessary before commencing and resolving any issues that come up.

Funding is available to help offset some of the costs of hosting a Work for the Dole activity. This will be discussed with your provider.

What activities can participants undertake?

There are many activities that a Work for the Dole participant may do. For example:

  • gardening or maintenance
  • computer graphics work
  • animal or wildlife shelter activities
  • retail work
  • rehabilitation of public parks
  • office administration
  • warehouse duties.

There are some limitations on the type of activities job seekers can do. For example, Work for the Dole activities cannot be include roles in child care, preschools or caring for the elderly or other vulnerable people.

You can host one or more individual places, or a group-based project.

Work for the Dole places cannot replace paid work positions, or involve tasks that would normally be done by a paid employee. This includes causal and part-time employees or reducing hours or customary overtime usually worked by a paid worker.

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