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Workforce Australia Online for Individuals

If you are a job-ready individual you will be supported by our online employment service. You will use the new online platform to:

  • self-manage your job search and reporting requirements
  • enrol in programs to increase your skills.

You will have access to:

  • a range of tools to assist with online learning and job matching
  • support from the Digital Services Contact Centre (DSCC) via phone or email
  • financial support to help with pre-employment costs such as police checks, completion of micro-credentials such as a white card through the Digital Employment Fund.

Workforce Australia Services

If you need, or would like more tailored support to get job ready and look for work, a Workforce Australia Employment Service Provider will provide tailored case management services to help you find and keep secure, meaningful work. With reduced caseload numbers the focus will be on delivering you a personalised service.

Providers will support you into secure work through:

  • career guidance, mentoring and vocational training
  • work experience, job placements and post-placement support
  • support to help you get the tools and skills you need to find and keep a job, such as training, work-related licencing, relocation assistance and other work-related goods and services
  • employment programs that recognise skills and micro-credentials alongside gaining work-like experiences
  • support to access the digital platform to manage your mutual obligations and look for jobs.

A flexible approach to meeting obligations

There are changes to the way you can meet your obligations, including a more flexible way to develop skills and take advantage of job opportunities.

A new Points Based Activation System (PBAS) will give you more flexibility to manage your mutual obligations. It replaces the existing job search requirements.

You will need to earn a certain number of points per reporting period, tailored to reflect your individual circumstances. Points can be gained by completing job searches, attending interviews, and completing online learning modules.

The Targeted Compliance Framework will remain in place in Workforce Australia to help you to understand, meet and track your mutual obligations requirements. It is designed to target financial penalties toward individuals who persistently do not comply with their mutual obligations without a valid reason.

Read more about the Points Based Activation System (PBAS),  or view the Introduction to PBAS presentation.

Training and online learning

Online learning modules will help you gain job search skills and understand the employment market. These online learning modules can also earn you points towards your monthly Points Target by completing different online learning modules.

More Information

Read more about Workforce Australia, and the flexible Points Based Activation System (PBAS).

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