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Reducing staff-to-job seeker ratios will enable providers to focus on job seekers who have more complex requirements and need tailored support to find and sustain work. Workforce Australia will be a more efficient and effective system for providers to support job seekers who need it the most.

Provider payment structure

A new payment structure will support providers to deliver more intensive services for job seekers who need the most assistance. It will include:

  • up-front engagement payments to support early investment in job seekers
  • outcome payments to reward moving job seekers into employment
  • progress payments to recognise the completion of milestones towards employment, and
  • bonuses to encourage securing employment for very long-term unemployed job seekers.

For more information on provider payments, see the Workforce Australia Employment Services Provider Payments fact sheet .

A new performance framework

Provider licensing system

Workforce Australia provider-led services will be delivered under a new licensing system. The licensing system is designed to reward high performing providers that are delivering quality outcomes for the Australian people. It is flexible, offers simplicity, delivers greater certainty and encourages high quality servicing. This system will drive quality support and outcomes for both job seekers and business.

Suitable providers will be included on a panel to deliver services. Some regions will have specialist licenses to support job seekers with additional needs and will be capped to ensure market stability. Some panel members will be issued a licence to deliver services for an initial three years and their performance will be regularly reviewed.

The framework supports the licensing system to ensure employers and job seekers receive a quality service to meet their needs.

High performing providers will receive early and regular licence extensions.

Poor performers will not have their licences renewed. They will exit the market, providing a strong incentive to achieve high performance.

When licences become available, organisations on the panel will be selected to receive them.

Information for current and future providers 

Transition to Workforce Australia

The department has put in place a set of arrangements to support the move from the current employment service to Workforce Australia. The objectives are to maintain service continuity and to minimise disruption to individuals, providers and businesses.

Provider Transition Advice

The department has released the Provider Transition Advice to support providers in the transition to Workforce Australia. The Advice includes direction and important information for new, continuing and exiting providers on:

  • Transition to Workforce Australia Services and Workforce Australia - Transition to Work, including servicing until 30 June 2022, dashboards and reports, and exit requirements
  • Transition arrangements for Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program, Career Transition Assistance, Employability Skills Training and Self-Employment Assistance
  • IT system access and security
  • Claims and payments under existing Deeds and under Workforce Australia
  • Records Management
  • Training
  • Branding and signage
  • Transition communications
  • Transition dates

Providers should contact their Account Managers for all enquiries. For IT system related enquiries, providers should call Employment Systems Service Desk at 1300 0305 520 (or via ‘Helpdesk Online’ in ESS).

Service delivery

Providers must continue to provide all services until the end of the relevant Deeds, that is 30 June 2022 (and beyond where applicable) unless otherwise advised by the department.

Key dates

View the Transition Timeline, a supporting document to the Provider Transition Advice.

Transition period

The table below specifies the transition period.


Transition Period

  • jobactive
  • New Employment Services Trial
  • Transition to Work
  • Career Transition Assistance
  • Employability Skills Training

From Friday 1 April 2022 to Thursday 30 June 2022

New Business Assistance with NEIS (NEIS)

From Friday 1 April 2022 (or one week after the announcement of the outcomes of the Self-Employment Assistance Request for Tender 2022-2027, whichever is later) to Thursday 30 June 2022

Entrepreneurship Facilitators

From Friday 1 April 2022 (or one week after the announcement of the outcomes of the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program 2022–2025 Request for Tender, whichever is the later) to Thursday 30 June 2022

Transition date

Individuals will transfer to providers under Workforce Australia on the transition date Friday 1 July to Sunday 3 July 2022.  Workforce Australia Services will start from Monday 4 July 2022.

Transition webinar

The department recently held a webinar for new and continuing providers to give an overview of the Provider Transition Advice. The webinar presentation is available. A Q&A document is also now available that provides answers to questions raised at the webinar. 

The webinar recording will be published soon.

Workforce Australia Business Adjustment Package 2022 

The Workforce Australia Business Adjustment Package is designed to offer support to current providers of employment services whose ongoing business may be affected by the outcomes of the recent tender processes relating to Workforce Australia. Modules for this package can be found below: