New Employment Services Trial (NEST)

Government employment services are being transformed to deliver better services to job seekers and employers and a better system for providers. The new model is being trialled in two regions from 1 July 2019 before being rolled out nationally from July 2022.

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The Government made changes to job seeker referrals in the Trial regions on 16 April 2020. For more information on these changes, read the fact sheet for Participants

Where is the Trial being held?

The Trial is operating in two Employment Regions – Adelaide South in South Australia and Mid North Coast in New South Wales.

What aspects of the new model are being trialled?

The Trial is testing key aspects of the new employment services model. These include:

  • the new Digital and Enhanced Services offerings
  • new payment structures
  • the Digital Services Employment Fund
  • a new co-designed flexible, points-based mutual obligations system
  • new co-designed aspects of provider performance management
  • aspects of a new job seeker assessment framework
  • the new IT system.

Digital Services job seekers are encouraged to contact the Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 677 to discuss their eligibility for various forms of assistance.

Complementary programs such as Career Transition Assistance, Transition to Work and Youth Jobs PaTH will continue in the trial regions.

How will the Trial be implemented?

From 1 July 2019, job-ready, digitally literate job seekers in the trial regions started to be directed to online services under the Digital First service.

From 1 October 2019, Digital Plus service commenced for job-ready job seekers in the trial regions who need some support to use digital servicing.

From 4 November 2019, providers in the trial regions will start delivering the new Enhanced Services for job seekers with vocational and non-vocational barriers.

Existing job seekers in these regions will be referred to the trial by their provider.

The department is working closely with stakeholders in the trial regions and is establishing local working groups and a Reference Group with stakeholders and community organisations to test ideas and learnings from the trial.

What are the arrangements for locations that are not part of the trial? 

Current arrangements with the jobactive network and complementary programs will continue in all other areas outside the trial regions until the new model is rolled out nationally from July 2022. 

How will those not participating in the trial be kept informed? 

The department will inform job seekers, stakeholders and the community about the trial and how it is progressing. Information and updates will be added regularly to this page.

More information

Read the fact sheets available on the New Employment Services Model

The Government made changes to digital servicing in the Trial Regions on 16 April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the participant fact sheet for more information.