Trialling digital solutions

The Online Employment Services Trial and the Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial will assess the best way to deliver digital solutions to job seekers. This will save them time, customise their approach and cut red tape.

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If you were referred to online employment services on or after 16 April 2020, please refer to the Online Employment Services website or the Digital Employment Services  (New Employment Services Trial) participant fact sheet for more information.

Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial

From 9 December 2019, some job seekers will take part in the Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial (Trial). Job seekers will be referred to the Trial by Services Australia if they choose to volunteer for employment services. They will self-manage their job search through an online platform. These job seekers and ParentsNext participants will not be referred to face-to-face services with providers if they want assistance to find work.

The Trial aims to test whether volunteers can self-manage effectively with online services and further tests the digital approach to service delivery.


If you’re on a certain type of income support or not on income support, you may be eligible for the Trial.

ParentsNext participants can choose to take part in the Trial as their ParentsNext activity.

From 1 July 2021, new job seekers with disability who are not on income support, will not be eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES). These job seekers will instead be eligible for the Trial.

Job seekers who need help with workplace adjustments or advice on disability employment can still access support services, like JobAccess.

Please visit your local Centrelink (Services Australia) office or call 13 28 50 to check your eligibility.

If you are a:

  • retrenched worker and their partner
  • newly arrived refugee
  • certain vulnerable youth

you can directly register with an employment services provider. You can find a list of providers at .

What help can I get from the Trial?

There is information to help with your job search on your dashboard, the jobactive website or the jobactive YouTube channel.

You can access the Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial any time from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

If you’re aged between 15-24, you may be eligible for three one-hour Youth Advisory Sessions . At these sessions you can get advice on preparing for an interview or improving your job search skills plus more!

Career Transition Assistance  (CTA) is for people aged 45 and older. CTA will help you build skills and confidence to be more competitive in your local job market.

Try the new Job Switch tool, you can use it to find jobs you might already have the skills for!

The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE)  program gives you free training in reading, writing, maths and computer skills to help you find a job or a future training pathway.

If you want to start and run a new small business, you may also be eligible to participate in the New Business Assistance with NEIS .

You can also visit the Job Outlook  website to use the Skills Match tool  to find out the types of work that might suit you.

Go to the National Careers Institute website  to get more career information and support.

If you need help with the Trial:

Service Guarantee

If you are a volunteer job seeker in the Trial, please refer to the Volunteer Online Employment Services Guarantee. The Service Guarantee sets out the level of service you can expect to receive.

If you are a job seeker under jobactive, the Service Guarantee for jobactive sets out the level of service you can expect to receive, and the requirements you need to meet while looking for work.

Volunteer Online Employment Services Trial Fact Sheets

Translated Online Employment Services Trial Participant Fact Sheets

More Information

For more information, visit Information for job seekers who wish to access employment services as a volunteer. Further details will be published on this website as they become available.

Online Employment Services Trial

The Online Employment Services Trial (OEST) operated between 1 July 2018 - 15 April 2020. The aim of OEST was to test a digital platform to allow job-ready job seekers to self-manage their job search. It explored how to implement mutual obligation requirements online. OEST and the New Employment Services Trial worked together to find digital solutions to help job seekers.

Visit the OEST evaluation page for more information about the key findings.  

More Information

In April 2020, the Government launched Online Employment Services (OES) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that increased demand for Centrelink payments and employment services. The build of OES was based off of the OEST. For more information, visit the OES webpage.