Guide for Australian Government agencies when developing sectoral workforce strategies

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  1. Initiate Each responsible agency undertakes preliminary assessment, identifies needs, and develops/refines sectoral workforce strategies. Existing strategies should be updated as part of an established review processes.
  2. Coordinate and Consult The responsible agency engages with the National Workforce Taskforce to ensure their sector-specific workforce strategy aligns with the national workforce framework outlined in this document. Early engagement with other agencies, such as the Department of Home Affairs on migration issues, or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on export industries, is encouraged. Agencies must take into consideration key government workforce priorities, data available from the National Skills Commission, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other relevant sources, and available levers to develop the sector-specific strategy framework.
  3. Develop The responsible agency engages with industry, education and training providers and key employers to develop a workforce strategy, in consultation with the National Workforce Taskforce to ensure ongoing alignment. This will include:
    1. Identifying sector-specific workforce needs, including the current state of the labour market, priority issues or challenges and gaps in supply and demand.
    2. Consulting across relevant industry, employer, and peak bodies with support from other government agencies.
    3. Engaging with education and training providers, DESE, and related agencies, to analyse workforce challenges and potential solutions
  4. Release Each agency is responsible for seeking government approval and releasing their individual strategies
  5. Evaluate and Report Each agency undertakes a periodic review of their strategies to determine if refinements need to be made. Agencies report on achievement against milestones, outcomes, and measures of success, to the National Workforce Taskforce on a six-monthly basis so it can collate and report to Government.